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Oncology Analytics, Inc.

Oncology Analytics has created a web-based clinical decision support system which provides Oncologists with the information to optimally use cancer drugs based upon level one data and nationally recognized guidelines. OA’s academic expertise ensures that all cancer patients receive the highest quality care.

Oncology Analytics, Inc.

We bring together an exceptional team of physicians, healthcare executives, IT professionals, and dedicated support staff who work to assure that all patients under management receive the highest quality care while, at the same time, reducing cost by diminishing unnecessary and inappropriate treatments.

For over 40 years health care costs have risen faster than the rate of inflation. Despite consuming over 16% of GDP, life expectancy in the United States is 42nd in the world, below most developed nations and some developing nations. In 2000, the World Health Organization ranked the U.S. health care system as the highest in cost, 37th in overall performance, and 72nd by overall level of health. The steady increase in cost is not sustainable, and there is clearly an opportunity to improve the quality of care. Oncology Analytics was created to address both of these issues and our mission is clear. Oncology Analytics ensures that patients receive the most efficacious and cost effective cancer chemotherapy treatments.