Oncology Analytics, Inc. reports today that an analysis of a years’ worth of its chemotherapy protocol data totaling more than 50,000 approved oncology cases ending June 2017 indicates that 98.64% of approved protocols were supported by a high level of scientific data. The company is continuously researching and updating its protocols based on the NCCN (National Comprehensive Cancer Network) Guidelines, CMS coverage criteria, including peer reviewed papers in any of the 26 journals approved by CMS, and other scientific data. These findings affirm the company’s goal of always providing evidence-based, quality care treatment recommendations to health plans and the members they serve.

“We are pleased to be able to provide the highest quality of cancer care treatment recommendations to our health plans and their patients supported by the latest scientific evidence. Our company evaluates all of its evidence-based protocols for efficacy, toxicity, and affordability so that providers have options to discuss with their patients,” states Marc Fishman, MD, and CEO of Oncology Analytics. “For rare and complicated cancers, there may be a paucity of data. For these exceptional cases we review all available data and utilize the expertise of OA’s Distinguished Academic Advisory Board in order to be able to work with the treating physicians to assure quality care.”

Oncology Analytics’ protocol analysis included an evaluation of over 50,000 approved oncology cases. These oncology cases were approved through Oncology Analytics’ prior authorization process, which consists of an initial review by the company’s proprietary MATISTM software in addition to review by the company’s board certified medical oncologists, Board Certified Oncology PharmDs, and/or oncology registered nurses.

Plantation, Florida, August 8, 2017

About Oncology Analytics, Inc.

Founded in Plantation, Florida, in 2009, Oncology Analytics, Inc. is a comprehensive oncology benefits management company serving health plans, providers and patients in the U.S. market and Puerto Rico. Oncology Analytics has continued its mission of using evidence-based medicine to drive better treatment options for cancer care at reduced costs. Using a patient-focused approach, Oncology Analytics’ clinical team of board-certified hematologists/oncologists, oncology RNs, and board-certified oncology pharmacists personally review individual cases that require additional assessment for individualized care.

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