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Dr. Bill Hrushesky, Bio

Dr. Bill HrusheskyDr. Bill Hrushesky studied Philosophy, Fine Arts, Anthropology and Zoology in The Syracuse University Honors College. While in Medical School at SUNY Buffalo, his wife developed cancer, which inspired him to pursue research at the Experimental Surgery Laboratory at RPMI where he developed the RENCA murine kidney cancer model. He was the first to do orthotropic tumor implantation (1970); helped prove the renal origins of erythropoietin; and invented an effective, simple, and reproducible test that accurately diagnosed acute renal transplant rejection.

Dr. Hrushesky’s internal Medicine training was done at Johns Hopkins and the University of Minnesota. His Oncology fellowship was completed at NCI/DCT in the Cancer Therapy Evaluation Branch and on the NCI solid tumor wards and clinics. At NCI, he was involved in cancer drug development shepherding half a dozen new cancer drugs through the development process. He reviewed and presented the global work and helped gain FDA approval for the first two biological agents approved as anti cancer drugs. He joined the faculty of the University of Minnesota where he gained long-standing NCI R01 support for his basic, translational and clinical cancer research demonstrating the importance of the circadian organization of the host-cancer balance and how its understanding can favorably impact cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis and control. This NIH/VA/DOD research support followed him throughout his career.

Dr. Hrushesky moved to Albany Medical College and RPI, as tenured full professor, where his circadian work matured. He expanded his work to cardiovascular and GI chronobiology and he determined the mechanisms whereby the timing of breast cancer resection, within the menstrual cycle, reproducibly affects its curability.

The last decade of his academic career was spent as full professor at the university of South Carolina in the schools of Medicine, Public Health and Engineering/ Computer science where he expanded all aspects of that work, directed an institutional research office and a cancer clinical trials program for which he served as PI on some 200 trials.

He has mentored and/or trained some 80 scientists, physician-scientists and physicians, published some 800 scholarly works, including three books, and served as consultant to a wide variety of federal agencies, academic and industrial entities. Dr. Hrushesky joined Oncology Analytics in the Autumn of 2011 to help effectively address the inexorable and unsustainable increase in the costs of cancer care, while concurrently enhancing cancer care quality.

He is recognized by his peers to be expert in Breast, Prostate, Respiratory, GU, head and neck, GI, GYN cancers, as well as loco-regional therapies.